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Choosing IFCO Pallets

With a network of over 50 company-owned and operated pallet distribution centers and a transportation fleet of over 5,700 units, we are the largest pallet services company in the country. At IFCO, we focus on the retrieval, reconditioning, and resupplying of wood pallets. We offer a complete range of pallet recycling and pallet management services. Our broad infrastructure, expertise and flexibility allow us to provide customized, single-source solutions to both our national and local customers.

Our Customers

High-performance companies choose our wood pallet recycling and management services to develop and implement the most efficient pallet program for their operations. We create comprehensive pallet management programs to efficiently manage pallet supply, tracking, retrieval, sorting, repair, disposal and reporting. Our customers are some of the largest and most successful retailers and manufacturers in the country. These companies choose us as their pallet provider because they know only IFCO has the nationwide infrastructure, industry experience, and customer service they require. And, because our pallet management services are environmentally-friendly, we can help our customers meet their corporate citizenship goals as well.

Almost half of the top 25 US retailers are our Pallet Management Partners. Twenty of the top 100 largest publicly held U.S. manufacturing companies (Source: IndustryWeek) are our Pallet Management Customers.

PalTrax™ Online Account Management

The better you can manage your pallets, the better you can manage your costs. Smart pallet management saves money and/or increases revenues. And no software does it smarter than PalTrax™, our exclusive pallet tracking software. Think of the benefits of being able to see all your pallet activity and identify best practices between facilities. Why does one facility spend 30% more on pallets than a similar facility 500 miles away? Why does one facility use $8.00 pallets when all the others use $5.00 pallets? Why do surplus pallet sales fade at the end of the month? Did I get credit for all my surplus pallet sales? What retrievals get me the most amount of money? With PalTrax™, all of your pallet activity is centrally monitored and available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With round-the-clock access to information, you can check the status of any pallet activity anytime, anywhere. With PalTrax™ you can:

  • - Identify best practices at individual locations or across your entire network
  • - Reduce pallet management costs
  • - Increase surplus pallet revenue with more accurate data
  • - Accurately assign pallet costs/revenues
  • - Evaluate price and volume levels independently or collectively
  • - Streamline and consolidate invoicing
  • - Establish an actual audit trail for accuracy
  • - View reports customized to work for you
PalTrax™ generates summary and detail reports for your convenience, and can export data into most any format. In addition, we'll send you a customized monthly report. Best of all, there is no cost for using PalTrax™, and it can be used in conjunction with virtually any pallet management program.

Our Needs Assessment Process

PHASE 1: Opportunity Assessment-- A pallet professional will review your current pallet program and pallet design, as well as how pallets are used within your facility, transportation and distribution systems.

PHASE 2: Solution Development-- Using the information gathered from the Opportunity Assessment, our pallet design software and over 35 years of experience in the pallet industry, we will work with you to create a unique solution tailored to your specific needs. We will provide detailed financial models identifying potential areas of savings.

PHASE 3: System Roll-Out-- Once a start date is determined, we will work with you to seamlessly transition your facilities from your current pallet program to your new pallet solution.

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