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With over 35 years' experience in the pallet service business, we are the largest pallet services company in the country and offer a complete range of pallets and pallet management options by focusing on retrieving, reconditioning, and resupplying wood pallets. We provide a national network of pallet management services responsible for 125 million pallets sorted, repaired and reissued annually. Through the combined power of over 65 company-owned and operated facilities and a transportation fleet of over 5,700 units across the United States, we are ready to serve your pallet needs anytime, anywhere.

We are North America's only single-source provider of complete pallet management services - every year we handle over 60 million pallets. Our customers benefit from high-quality recycled pallets, while profiting from greater control over their pallet inventory and pallet costs significantly lower than that of new pallets. And, our national network and massive purchasing power ensures reliable delivery at the best price wherever you need pallets.

With our unique needs assessment process, we will help you determine the best pallet program and most ideal pallet for your needs. Pallet management is what we do best. Outsource your pallet management to us, and we will handle all the details - from pallet supply to pallet disposal to inventory management and comprehensive tracking and reporting.

Our services offer decisive advantages for retailing chains, food producers or industrial companies. By outsourcing pallet management to us, customers can dispense with developing their own time consuming and cost intensive pallet logistics, and concentrate on their core business instead. We are transport-packaging professionals. It's what we do best.

InXchange™ Program

Our InXchange™ program allows our customers to deposit surplus pallets in one location and withdraw ready-to-use pallets in another location anywhere in our nationwide network. Customers can track all of their activity on our web based PalTrax™ System - 24 hours a day.

Think of it as a virtual account that allows you to deposit and withdraw, receiving debits and credits with each pallet transaction. You'll even receive a statement each month of all your pallet activity, including a net amount due or payment for surplus pallets sold during the period. For added convenience, you can use any of our more than 150 participating InXchange™ locations across the nation. With locations strategically located near major distribution centers, pallets can be delivered in truck-load quantities to virtually any location. Or, you can pick up smaller quantities of any ready-to-go pallets you need at any participating InXchange™ location. Empty pallets can also be exchanged and then deposited for credit towards future purchases.

You don't have to sign up all of your suppliers or destination points. There are no Non-Participating Distributors or lost pallet fees. Just let us handle all of your GMA pallet activity with InXchange™. We handle all the paperwork and reporting. All your pallet related information is also available anytime online.

Pallet Sort & Repair

Recapture the value of your assets with our pallet sort and repair programs. This individualized service entails sorting customer pallets, repairing damaged units and returning them to the customer's pallet distribution cycle. We make this service available at customer locations or at one of our facilities.

  • - Complete reporting utilizing our PalTrax™ system
  • - On-site or Off-site programs available
  • - National network of 150+ facilities to support your needs

Warehouse and Logistics Management Services

We provide distribution centers with a cost-effective solution to outsource the supply, disposal, recycling and reuse of pallets and related packaging materials. With our Warehouse and Logistics Management Services, we provide our customers comprehensive pallet management services, which include all aspects of pallet handling and tracking. Some of the benefits you'll reap with our back dock management services:

  • - Your warehouse personnel can focus on their core responsibilities
  • - Reduced labor costs
  • - Maximized warehouse efficiency
  • - Lower overall pallet costs

Pallet Design

Our pallet professionals, certified by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) to use the Pallet Design System (PDS), will assist in the design or redesign of a pallet to meet your specific shipping needs. To be certain we are delivering superior performance at the best possible price, we will also review alternative designs. Some of the benefits you will reap:

  • Customized packaging
  • Cost-efficient design
  • Superior performance
  • Maximum load weight for a variety of wood species
  • Conversion from new to recycled materials when appropriate

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